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By Liam Kincaid

Monday, December 14th, 2009

The Worldheart Epic

is a story that takes place in an alternate universe, or alternate reality – a reality that might have been, or could have been – if things had happened just a little bit differently.

The plant and animal life on this planet will be familiar, with perhaps an occasional surprise. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees, all are recognizable to us. Cougars, geckos, goats, wolves, rats, frogs, opossums… all are the same animals we know, and they have the same place in this universe’s ecology as they do in ours.

However, in the world of The Worldheart Epic there are some remarkable, and therefore notable, differences. The most striking difference between our universes is in the races having intelligence and language. In the world we know, humans alone have the powers of true language and creativity. But in the world of The Worldheart Epic there aren’t any humans, as such. Instead, there are eleven races that have the gift of speech and the power of creativity.

There are Nine races that are clearly mammalian. The Tenth race is… different in some ways. However, the Eleventh race is far more different from the Ten. These races have common names to differentiate one from another. Each of these names are taken from some obvious physical feature of each race, and are not usually objectionable, some of which are: Butter Skin, or Goldies; Broad Chests, or Gruffers; Squinties, or Dirt Faces…The common names given to the Eleventh race, however, are not meant to be kind at all. The Ten refer to the Eleventh race as, Goat Eaters, or Blue Tongues.

Each race does have a scientific name, but knowledge of these names was lost nearly two thousand years earlier. The Worldheart Epic progressively reveals its science fiction genre – especially when the question, How did these races come to be, is eventually answered.

There are other similarities between our world and the world of this story. One is that in both worlds the evil live only to bully others. And in both worlds the evil is in time challenged.


The history of this world and its races is very old, and it is divided into two ages, The First Age, and The Second Age.

The First Age stretches far back in time for several thousands of years. The beginning of this First Age saw the unusual origin of the races, and the long and wondrous civilization they built together. Then came the nightmarish End of the First Age, and the desperate acts to save the races from extinction.

From there the Second Age began, becoming a period just over two thousand years long. From nearly primitive beginnings, The Ten races, along with the eleventh, slowly reestablished civilization again. But this new civilization saw only disunity and waste for its first seventeen hundred years.

Near the end of that time, there emerged from this disunity a bold new approach to ordering the world. There came to be what was called The Sixth Imperium, and with it began this Second Age’s industrial period.

But sadly, the Sixth Imperium fell before it could realize its potential, and a hope for a Seventh Imperium slept for nearly 14 decades until it could awaken. This is the time of our story.


But The Worldheart Epic is not so much a story about a world in an alternate universe, or even the characters who live there, as it is a story about resolute courage to regain peace and happiness in a world robbed of both. Our story takes place well into a long period of darkness – 137 years of cruel oppression – 137 years of enforced isolating confinement, ignorance, and poverty. This darkness began with the Fall of the Sixth Imperium.

The Fall of the Sixth Imperium was brought about by the combined efforts of two powerful “Goat Eaters” – Kahph II, and Pallador. Pallador is still alive after 137 years and he rules this dark and wretched world. Emperor Pallador’s army is made up almost entirely of soldiers drawn from the race of “Long Noses, or Spoilers” as they are called, and for all these decades he has been slowly gaining strength as he rebuilds the world that he and Kahph ruined nearly 140 years earlier.

The opening chapters begin by introducing the main characters – fifteen-year-old Kayla (of the Butter Skin race) and fourteen-year-old Annabelle (of the Spikey race). It is the evening of the full moon, when the people of a dying, impoverished town, gather for their monthly evening of story-telling.

From this night on begins a series of powerful and unexpected revelations that quickly propel the two girls on their journey to find answers that will reveal the cause of, and the solution to, their world’s dark and hopeless condition. In the end, their journey will also lead them to find the stunning answer to the question: How did these eleven races come to be?


Genre: The Worldheart Epic is an adventure story that all readers can enjoy. The story could possibly end up being a very large work in as many as four volumes. In this story there are no witches, wizards, ghosts, goblins, or trolls. No magic, fairies, elves, gore, sex, or bad language. This story is one of true science fiction, even if it’s told in a slightly different way. You may also sub-tag the novel’s genre as, Alternate History, or Provolve (also known as Uplift.)

Rating: The story does have some deaths, and some fighting and killings. And there will be some humor that juveniles will enjoy – and the juvenile in us all. But it is doubtful that any of it can be considered gratuitous. So how might the story be rated? Most will see it as being rated a safe PG.

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