Maq - sketch by Erik Sinner

Maq - sketch by Erik Sinner

Maq, of the Broad Chests (or Gruffers) Race:

This fine example graphic is graciously permitted to be used here by Eric Sinner

Story Characters

The characters in the story’s alternate universe world are made up of several races of human-like sentient creatures. They are all intelligent and have the powers of language and of creativity. They will be clothed, stand upright, and their stature will be within the normal range of humans – perhaps averaging between five and six feet tall.

PLEASE NOTE: These races are not brutish or grotesque. The majority are noble and upright, and as in our world the majority appear ordinary looking, with some being beautiful, and some being otherwise. But even of those characters who are evil, none looks inherently monstrous.

We are at the beginning of our search and don’t yet know how much artwork will be needed, or what kind. The first-write of what will likely be a rather long work is continuing, but it may be a year or so before it is completed.

Part of the reason why we may be having difficulty finding what we’re looking for could be that we don’t yet have firm in our mind how the characters, landscape, and architecture should be represented. Right now, it would help to have some volunteer concept illustrations or sketches offered.

We’ve seen some examples of fine art on the Internet but they aren’t quite what we’re looking for. The links you see to the upper right will help you get an idea of the level of realism and sophistication we may be looking for.

In the future we may be interested in another style of artwork that will be used for a “Young Readers” series of related stories assuming we can reach that point.

Please email us before you begin any volunteer artwork.

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