Models for The Vosu Race


The beautiful work above (top left) is by sebastian schoellhammer who has kindly permitted us to use it here. The second picture belongs to Grzegorz Jonkajts. We are waiting to hear back from him for our request to use his Alien Woman as a general idea as a model for the Vosu race.

The Vosu

The Vosu is a human-like race who visited the Story’s world some 5,000 years ago. Eight of these visitors secretly came to this world for forbidden research. What that research led to is key to the story. Vosu males averaged 6′ 3″ tall; females averaged 5′ 10″ tall.

Merut – One of the eight Vosu scientists. Female.

Merut was a disturbed woman who held a deep-seated hatred for the authorities of her world. All of her dark thoughts were bent toward revenge. Her illegal research is directly connected with the abilities of the Goat Eater.

Theid – The leader of the eight renegade Vosu researchers. Male.

Theid was the man who lead the team of researchers, and worked to maintain a high degree of honor and professionalism in their research. He was dismayed when Merut disobeyed his authority.

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