Test Readers Wanted

We Are Looking For

Test (Beta) Readers

We are not yet ready to release sample portions of the first-write text, but if you are interested, please write and ask to be put on the list of volunteer beta readers. email us.

It would help if some volunteer beta readers can be found willing to slog through the still unpolished text.

THE FIRST thing we really need is to determine how readable the current text is. By readable we mean, does it work as an enjoyable story. Does the text invite you to read further?

The current style of writing will probably make for a moderately slow and detailed read. Tolkein’s stories are like this. There are many of us who enjoy this style of writing. However, it may be that after some test reading, the style could change to a bit quicker read.

Perhaps it could turn out that the volunteer beta readers should be those who already enjoy science fiction, or other fantasy adventures. But IF some readers who never thought they would like this style of literature actually like this one, GREAT! So the volunteer beta reader invitation is opened to any reader.

Reader Survey
After the volunteers read the material, or even some of it, AND give us useful feedback about their feelings and observations, then we would like to find out something about the readers themselves. Eventually we will then have to have an accurate evaluation of the technical writing details – but not at first.

Who are the Readers?
Are you male or female?
Your age
Your education level

What genre of literature (or movies) do you prefer most?
Abstract Calculus

String Theory Physics


What is your overall take about the story
I thoroughly enjoyed the story!
I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.
I completely disliked the story!

The story was an easy read.
The story was neither easy nor difficult.
The story was a hard read.

The story was a fun read.
The story was neither fun nor boring.
The story was a boring read.

The length of the story is not nearly long enough. I want more.
The length of the story was not too long or too short.
The length of the story is too long. It needs to be shorter.

The details in the story make it very interesting. I could stand to see more details.
I didn’t notice anything special about the details.
There were way too many details.

If any portion of the story bogs down, what portion is it, and what do you specifically think the problem is?

Is it a matter of content that these portions make you lose interest, or is it that the story here isn’t clear and you get lost and don’t understand what’s happening?

What are your thoughts about the pace of the story?
Action: What are your feelings about the action? Too much? Just right? Not enough?

What are your feelings about the humor? Too much? Just right? Not enough?

How you feel about characters: ……Like… Dislike… Couldn’t care less
Lana Nemea
Master Kahph II

Emperor Pallador


and any others…

I would have liked to have seen more of… I wanted to see less of…

The story worked great with the characters being from the different races.

The story would have worked much better if the races were not named as you have them.

What age group do you think would most enjoy this story?
Younger than 10?
Advanced 10 year-olds?
Any 14-17 year-olds?
Anyone who can read?

Sometime in the not too distant future – before the book is ready to print – it would help immensely to have any errors in the text spotted. Some of this could be done now, in the early stages of writing, but it will be absolutely necessary when the entire writing is completed.

Grammar errors
Punctuation errors
Sentence structure errors
Word choice problems
Time (season, moon, day…) discrepancies or inconsistencies
Sequence discrepancies or inconsistencies
Character personalities discrepancies or inconsistencies
Accents/speech characteristics discrepancies or inconsistencies
Geographic discrepancies or inconsistencies
Plot discrepancies or inconsistencies
Setting discrepancies or inconsistencies
Writing style discrepancies or inconsistencies

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