The Fruen Race


People of the Fruen race are also properly called, “Stripers” due to the predominant strip of white  hair that runs from the top front across and down to the back of the neck.

Age: 55 years old, and stands 5′ 10″ tall.
Coloring: His skin could be most any skin color. Not sure about his eyes, or hair (other than the white stripe).

Clothing: dignified tunic and cloak, simple boots or sandals, all showing wear.

Rahvak is the town’s elder and is respected by nearly everyone. He is the girls’ mentor.

The above thumbnails are only samples for certain concepts of character features and the quality of graphics looked for.

The first graphic is only for visualizing the clothing that Rahvak would wear while traveling. However, while at home he would wear a tunic and sandals.

The second sample picture shows the dignity of the Rahvak character. The level of sophistication wanted is high. We look forward to future concept samples.

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