Amateur Voice Overs needed for test book trailer videos

We’ve been working on several experimental book trailer videos and we’d occasionally need a few voices for them – narrators, characters…

We would also like to collect samples of voices for a growing number of characters. Links for these voice clips will be located in the pages of the characters’ race. Click the name of the characters below to hear each one’s voice.


- Rahvak - of the Fruen race

- Maq - of the Frae race

- Noddak- of the Sevro race

- Luddor – of the Frae race

- General Razor - of the Fessal race

- Lieutenant Fleam – of the Fessal race

- General Sloddar – of the Fessal race

- Emperor Kahph - of the Seph race

- Emperor Pallador – of the Seph race

- Private Ste nge – of the Fessal race

Young male:

- Lery – of the Fessal race


- Lana Nemea – of the Sevro race

- Entigy – of the Vosu race. She is the living ship

- Winniver “Winnie – of the Fessal race – perhaps with a variety of accents.

Young female:

- Kayla: 15 year-old – of the Torph race

- Annabelle: 14 year-old – of the Lildur race

- Loola the Snot: c. 13 year-old – of the Lildur race


We’re looking for some adult male or female voices for narration.

The voices will be those of well-balanced, educated, good speakers – with one of several accents.

More information will be added here, but for now, please go to the Contact page and email your interest or questions.

Recent test book trailers:

1st test trailer – text only, no voices.

3rd test trailer – voices.


No trailer – just trailer voice

Narration in Scottish accent by Scott Mckelvie Part 2 pacing

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