There are many objects throughout the story that may need to be illustrated. We will want the same high level of detail and sophistication for these graphics as well. Here are some samples to help come up with ideas:

Story Stone (one with it face down, and then one with it righted)


This graphic is only to give an idea of the size and shape of the Story Stone. The Stone of the story is first seen flat on its face. The townsfolk have never seen it upright and don’t have any idea of what’s written on its face. Ask, and we will provide more detail.

Soldiers (Long Noses) Boundary Marker

Rat Boundary 1

This illustration is not what we need, but it does provide some features for ideas. The Long Noses maintain tight control over all the villages and towns throughout the continent. In Pond, for example, the people are forbidden to travel beyond one mile of the town. Markers are set up at the boundaries to keep anyone who dares approach the limit from passing beyond.

In the story, these boundary markers are not necessarily the traditional scarecrow, but some could be. Many boundaries are simply a crude stack of nasty bones and decaying animals. Sometimes they may have the bodies of Soldiers who failed to please their superiors. Ask, and we will give more details.

Mail Drop #6 marker


The graphic here is of an obelisk and only approximates the mail stone of the story. There are a number of these stones in the town of Pond (and in most all other towns and villages). They are old and were once used to leave and pick up mail, to and from all parts of the continent. Ask, and we will provide more detail of the stones.

Western Outpost Tower Observation Room Floor (Compass Rose)

Western Outpost Tower Observation Room Window Sills (Inlay Work)

Western Outpost Tower Observation Room Aeolian harp


Escort’s Log

Ancient Obelisk

Bay City Resistance Movement’s wax seal (opened eye, baby in mother’s arms.) Is this also a tughra?

Kayla’s Journal book


Gas light helmet with fuel and opener

We may need an illustration of some carbide gas lamps used in the Underground House and later on, in caverns. The lamps shown here are essentially what the characters have.

Golden Scroll

We are not quite sure about what form this artifact will take. Right now it’s an ancient scroll of gold foil. On it is text of an unknown language, and some very detailed pictures, all using a very advanced technology. We will be happy to let you know more.

Library Pedestal for Medallions

Medallions – Prince’s, Princess’s

Tughra (official seal) of the Sixth Order

Tughra (official seal) of the Seventh Order

The Master’s Device

Kayla’s Counter Device

Portal (not sure if portal is under Objects or Architecture)

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